The 10 Most Memorable Quotes from the 2016 Election

“It’s like being a parent, you have your children and you can’t help them out.”—Hillary Clinton, on the 2016 election”There’s no such thing as an American dream.”—Donald Trump, on what it’s like to be a businessman”You’re always thinking about what you’re going to do next, but you’re not thinking about how you’re actually going to live your life.

You’re thinking about, how are you going to get out of this mess?”—Hillary and Bill Clinton, interview with NBC News, March 11, 2017″My dad would get up and walk to the airport with a bunch of his business buddies and then he’d go back to bed and they’d say, ‘You know, Dad, what are you doing?’

I am a father, a husband, and a friend. “

—Bill Clinton, in the same interview, May 5, 2017.”

I am a father, a husband, and a friend.

And if I could give one thing to anybody, it would be to let the next generation know the importance of being able to count on each other and the importance to not let adversity get in the way of doing the right thing.”—Bill and Hillary Clinton, at the DNC Convention, July 29, 2017 “There’s nothing like seeing your kid grow up to see him do things you wouldn’t have been able to do on your own.”—Michelle Obama, at a press conference after her son, Tyshawn, was fatally shot by police in Chicago, May 25, 2017.”

I have an amazing daughter and I think of her every day, and that’s how I look at her.

I love her, I cherish her, and I love to see her succeed.”—Ben Carson, interview on “CBS This Morning,” October 2, 2017

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