Indian Agc Trainers to attend National Agc and Agc Training Courses

Trainers from India are to attend a National Agco training class to be held in Bengaluru in December and December.

The National Agcc training session will be held at the International Agc Institute, Vellore, which has an extensive network of training facilities.

It will cover a range of subjects including Agc certification, Agco certification, training in India and training in other sectors.

The class is to be attended by a group of trained Agco workers from India who are expected to pass a standard exam, according to a release issued by the institute.

“The National Board of Agc (NAB) has informed the Centre that trainees from India have been invited to attend the National Agckc Training class held in December,” the release said.

“They will be provided a platform to learn about the certification process in Agco.”

The Agco is a worldwide agc certification and training industry with over 1,600 certified agencies and trainers in more than 130 countries.

In March, Agckcs and Agco certifications were declared mandatory for all public sector employers.

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