How to use Google Maps on Google Maps, Google Maps Plus and Google+

Google is rolling out a feature that lets you use Google maps on Google maps Plus and Maps.

The Google Maps features are available in the Google Maps app and in Google Maps Pro for iOS and Android. 

The feature lets you select a point on Google map to point on a map.

If you’re not in a region, you can also select a region on the map and then zoom in on that area. 

You can also pick your city or region, and then click on the zoom icon.

If there are any problems, you’ll be prompted to install a new map. 

Google Maps is also now adding a map of your area, and if you have a Google+ profile you can use the Maps feature to share your location.

You can see more details on how to use this feature in the next post.

Google is also rolling out another feature, Google Places, that lets users share their locations with others.

The features are still in beta. 

Here’s the list of Google Maps add-ons and features:  Google Places:  Use Google Maps to share a location with people in your area.

Click on the Places icon to open the Google Places app.

Click the Places button to create a new location.

In the Google+ menu, click the Add to Places link.

On the next screen, click on Add to Google Maps. 

If you are logged in to your Google+ account, you will need to log in using the same account credentials as the location. 

Google Places: Share your location on Google Places with a friend or group.

You’ll need to provide the location, such as your home, office, etc. Google Places is a great place to connect with people who have shared the same location.

For more information, see  Google is testing the Google Plus add-on that lets people share locations with each other, too. 

You can also use Google Places to share the following places on Google+ or Maps:  A friend’s house (your friend is sharing your location) (Your friend is in the house and can see you) A friend’s office (someone is sharing their location) Google Places Plus:  Share a location in Google Places and Google Maps with others in your Google Plus group.

Google Maps and Google Plus share the same area, so when you share a place in Google maps with someone on Google Plus, it’ll show up in the map in Google Plus as well. 

Maps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch:  Add a location to Google+ and Google maps for iPhone.

You need to have a shared location.

Add a shared place to Google maps by clicking the Share a place link on Google+. 

Maps for Android: Add a location on Maps for your Google maps to a place on Google plus. 

 Google Maps and Maps for Mac: You’ll need a shared spot to add a location.

Click your Mac app icon to add the location to Maps for Maps.

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