How to find the best floral training classes in London

London is a city of flowers, and the floral industry is thriving. 

The City of Flowers has more than 300 flower studios and is home to a number of unique training classes. 

Here’s our guide to all of them.


Brunel’s Flower Studio  Brunell’s Flower Studios is a floral and garden design studio in the heart of Covent Garden, on the banks of the Thames. 

It offers a wide range of workshops for professional and amateur designers to take part in. 

In fact, Branel’s founder, Peter Brunell, is a renowned designer, with a portfolio of projects spanning from architectural designs to art installations. 

As a member of the UK Association of Gardeners (UKAG), he has worked on over 30 gardens and design projects. 


Ecole de Provence des Beaux Arts Paris, France Evelyne Delouy, a French-born French artist, opened her first studio in Paris in 2013. 

Delouy has worked in the Parisian art scene for the past 10 years, and has exhibited at the Art Nouveau Gallery, Le Temps de Paris, and the Tate Modern. 

Her works include the Le Beaulieu de Giacomte a lily sculpture that she made in 2015, the first of her series of mural gardens on the walls of a church in Paris. 


Flower Studio New York City, NY Flowers, art, flowering, flowers are just a few of the things that are featured in the Flosses Studio in New York City. 

Owned and run by artist and musician Shana Farkas, Floor Studio offers an impressive range of classes, from fine art workshops, to gourmet flower classes, to a workshop on how to create a custom floral collection. 


Dalhousie Flower Studio Dahlousie, Canada The Dalgoud Florence Flourish Institute in the city of Dalhousies in southern Ontario offers classes for people from all over Canada. 

Its specialists include artist and gardener Tara-Lynne Clements, who created a unique floral collection called The Flowering Lady, as well as designer and artist Sarah Schulman, whose works include A Garden of Flairs, a flower exhibition, and the new Flair Museum in Dalhoul. 


Waltham Studio Wolverhampton, UK The Waltham Floodplain Flower Studios is the second flower studio in London, after the Sophia Flower Studio in West London. 

 Its founder and executive director Paddy McKeon has been working in the floral and floral design industry since 2009, and runs the studio in Walsall on West of the city. 


Gourmet Flair Floyd’s Garden, London Grave flower artist and designer Alexey Stolyarov is the founder of the Garden of Flairs, a series of flower art exhibitions on exhibition at the London City Gallery. 

Stolyarov’s works focus on floral design, but also flowers. 

His garden was recently renovated to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its opening in 2016. 


Hazelbake Flower Studio Hazelburn, England This flower and garden studio is run by Holly Alfred, who has worked in flower and floral design for 25 years. 

Their flower workshops include a full-blown flower show at the St Mary’s Chapel in Leeds, which is the world’s largest flower garden and a two-week flower design workshop in St. Andrews in Scotland. 

8. L’Orchard Floral Garden Londons, England The London Flora Factory is one of the most well-known floral and flower design studios in London. 

Owner Sylvia Watson is also the owner of the Flora Factory in Londons. 


Floral Design and Garden Studio Hamburg, Germany The Berlin Flora Design and Gardening Studio is run by Rolf Hahn, from the Haus Flower School in Hamburg. Rolf is

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