How to find a gun training class

A Fox News investigation found that many gun training classes are not as advertised and that many classes are only offered for people who are too far from home to travel to the shooting range.

We asked all gun owners if they had attended a gun safety training class, and a number of gun owners responded with “no” or “I have not yet.”

The study also found that gun safety instructors are rarely certified to teach classes on safety.

Our investigation also found many gun owners have received misleading information from gun training instructors that was not true.

We asked some of the experts to share what they learned about the safety of training classes.

The most common mistake made by gun safety trainers was to think that they are the only ones who can train gun owners, and that this makes training them easier.

We found that instructors often assume that most gun owners are already trained and will do their best to teach them safely.

They often do not know that many people have been trained and have learned to use their guns safely.

We also found some trainers make incorrect assumptions about the types of guns that are used in a shooting.

For example, many trainers mistakenly assume that a firearm with a high capacity magazine is the safest gun to own, because most people are familiar with guns with high capacity magazines.

This incorrect assumption is a big reason that the vast majority of gun deaths in the United States occur in home invasions.

Many instructors also make incorrect claims about the range of firearms available to train gun safety.

For example, instructors often incorrectly believe that they need a training range certificate to train a firearm.

But if a gun owner has an instructor who holds a gun range certificate, they will need to take the training and pass a background check.

The fact is, most gun safety teachers are not qualified to teach gun safety, and many instructors are not trained on how to teach a gun safely.

When they train gun instructors, they often assume a gun can be safely trained without training.

They also assume that gun owners will know how to use a gun without having to teach.

We know from our own experience that this is not the case.

Gun safety instructors should be familiar with the safety protocols that are part of most firearms safety courses.

Most of the firearms training that is offered in gun safety classes should be conducted in an appropriate range or shooting range, and they should also learn to use common safety devices like a belt clip, a safety pin, and the safety slide.

Training for gun safety should also include a safe distance from the range and distance from an instructor so that instructors do not accidentally shoot people.

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