Backhoe trainer training at Argus training class

Argus Training Classes are the most widely-known of the many programs run by the company, offering people with back problems access to up to six weeks of intensive training.

The Argus program was launched in 2011, and the company is currently offering the training to more than 20,000 people, including those in care homes and in the NHS.

Training sessions are delivered at Argos facilities in Oxford, Oxfordshire, Nottingham, Warrington, Chester, Bristol and Plymouth. 

Aucklanders who are experiencing pain in the back are also offered a free session.

The program has been met with praise from the public, with the Argus website attracting over 100,000 page views in the first six months.

“Our patients have reported the effectiveness of the program and have also been very pleased with the results,” said Darren Linnell, Argus’ director of training and rehabilitation.

“They have been able to find new ways to manage their back pain, they are using their back as an outlet and they are not alone.”

The Argos programme is aimed at those who have severe or chronic pain in their back and can’t find pain relief from traditional treatments such as physiotherapy, physical therapy or physical therapy devices.

In the first year, the company claims more than 30,000 patients have received their first session, with about a quarter of those who received their initial session reporting significant improvement in their symptoms.

“I think that a lot of the people who have used the program have been really pleased with their results, so it’s just a testament to how good the program is,” said Linnelle.

“We’re still getting some good feedback from people that have been through the program so we’ll keep that in mind and continue to listen to that feedback.”

The company also runs a free online training course for adults that offers up to four hours of training in a virtual environment.

The course is offered in conjunction with Argus’s UK branch, and is aimed to help those who need support and support can access it.

“The Argis UK branch has trained more than 100,00 people in their first year of using the Argis program, and they have been delighted with the response,” said Ms Linnells.

The courses are available on and the Argos App, and Argus is offering a discount of up to 40% on all training classes. “

There’s been a great response, and we’re looking forward to getting people using it again as soon as possible.”

The courses are available on and the Argos App, and Argus is offering a discount of up to 40% on all training classes.

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