A training programme for PCCP recruits

Training has begun for PCCCP recruits in the South West, and one training provider is offering some of the most exciting and rewarding career opportunities.

The PCCp has been awarded an A rating by the National Centre for Training and PCC Training, and it has been working hard to get the new apprenticeships in place.

It’s been a very busy few months for PCA training and PCCC training, with all of the training centres getting busy. 

 The apprenticeships are for those aged 18 years and over, with opportunities to train for roles ranging from cleaning and maintenance, to welding, to vehicle mechanics.

The aim of the apprenticeships is to provide an entry level training that will enable people to get their foot in the door of the PCC, and help them to progress into the more senior ranks. 

There are also career opportunities for those who want to move into management roles, with some apprenticeships allowing candidates to work on their own or on the team.

There is also an apprenticeship for those looking to become a full time manager. 

What is PCC training? 

 PCCP is a training organisation that offers apprenticeships for a range of skills, including maintenance and cleaning, repair, welding, vehicle mechanics, electrical and electronic equipment, and carpentry.

It is one of the few training organisations in Australia offering a apprenticeship, and the aim is to give them the chance to learn from people in the industry. 

The first PCC PCC apprenticeship will be for someone who wants to be a cleaner, and will involve a two-week apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship lasts for two weeks, and then they can move on to a second apprenticeship that lasts for one week.

The second apprenticeships, which are for cleaning and building, are for two- and four-week periods. 

How long will it take? 

The aim of training is to allow the person to take on the role of a cleaner or a maintenance worker for one or two weeks per year, with an option to move on and do a career change later in their career. 

If you are interested in learning more about apprenticeships at PCC or looking to find out more about the PCCC, please visit their website here. 

You can find out how to apply online at PCCC or email them at [email protected] or call them on 1300 934 904 to make an application. 

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