Which job training courses are available for employees?

The job training and development companies in Arizona are offering employees in their local offices training in various areas of their jobs, according to the Arizona Association of Governmental Organizations (AGO).

The job training program is designed to help employees in these roles get a head start in a career that involves an expanding range of skills and competencies, according a news release from the Arizona State Labor Council.

This is a pilot program for a few of the job training companies, and the job providers and agencies are encouraging members to register their positions in the pilot program to ensure a successful launch.

The job-training companies will be running the job program in the office for a couple of weeks, said the release.

There are also job-related education courses that will be offered at various locations.

The jobs are being offered by different companies, such as Acorn, the Phoenix-based job training company, and Arizona Career and Technical Education.

Acorn has an office in Tucson and another in Flagstaff.

The AZGCO says it has also partnered with a company called CareerLink, which provides training for employees in the state.

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