‘We’ve never seen anything like it’: Flowers in Saudi Arabia’s capital training class

The Royal Flowers Training Academy in the capital Riyadh is now accepting new students from across the globe.

The academy is part of a new initiative to offer students a variety of training options for the royal court, the kingdom’s state broadcaster, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Thursday.

The institute has been working for a decade to introduce a new curriculum that will prepare the new cadre for the role of the new King Salman, the Saudi journalist and former minister of defence.

King Salman has vowed to create a new military-first administration that will be led by a new generation of officers who will lead the kingdom out of a financial crisis.

He has also said he wants the military to be an independent state, a goal that is being pursued by the new government.

“I want to make it clear that the military will play an independent role, not a subordinate role,” the King said at the opening ceremony of the academy on Thursday, according to SPA.

“The army and the armed forces will become the principal actors in the management of society,” he added.

The military’s roleThe institute aims to train the new generation with the aim of bringing them up in the “modernised” military-civilian complex.

It is expected that graduates will be offered a post in the kingdom and its military.SPA said that the new military academy will be located in the city of Jeddah, which is the largest city in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the regional bloc that includes the US, France, Russia, Britain and Turkey.

The university is part-funded by Saudi Arabia, the US and the UAE, which together control about 90% of the oil industry in the Middle East.

The Saudi royal family owns stakes in oil companies and is heavily invested in the sector.

The United States and the US State Department said that it is the first time in the history of the United States that the US has awarded an honorary degree to a country other than Saudi Arabia.

Sara Al-Shahiri, a Saudi Arabian expert on human rights at Stanford University, told Al Jazeera that the academy will bring a new dimension to Saudi Arabia that is often ignored.

“They will be training the young people who are the next generation of the military.

This is a big step forward,” she said.SARA AL-SHAHIRI, Saudi Arabian researcher at Stanford, on Saudi Arabia and human rights Al Jazeera: The academy will train the cadres for a new regime.

What does it mean?

The military academy is a training ground for the future, but it is also a training base for the old regime.

The idea is to create the kind of army that can take over and govern the country and that will make the new kingdom an independent one.

So the academy is designed to train people to take over the military and the state and make it an independent institution.

It is an indication of the importance of the monarchy to Saudi society.SAMA ABDUL-HAASHIR, an American journalist and senior researcher at the American Enterprise Institute, told The Associated Press that Saudi Arabia has been a target of international criticism since its military takeover in 1979.

“This is one of the reasons why it has not been easy to get into the country,” he said.

“It has taken a long time for the US to admit that the monarchy is in a mess.”SAMAABDUL HAASHIR: The Saudi monarchy is an absolute monarchy.

Saudi Arabia is a state institution.

Saudi monarchy and its institutions are under the strict control of the royal family.

The new Saudi government is a very conservative one, and it has to fight the old royal family in the courts and on the street to preserve the monarchy.

Samaa al-Shihabi, a former US official who is now a Middle East scholar at the Brookings Institution, told CNN that the kingdom is one the most repressive countries in the region.

“Saudi Arabia is the most absolute monarchy in the world.

It has the most severe restrictions on freedom of expression.

It doesn’t have any freedom of religion,” she told CNN.”

It has no freedom of assembly, and its constitution is extremely restrictive.

It prohibits women from driving, and even the internet is prohibited,” she added.SANAAL SHAHBI, a human rights activist and researcher at Columbia University, on the US role in the Saudi monarchy The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia… is the only Arab state that has a full-blown criminal justice system.

It prosecutes the worst crimes of the Arab world and is one in which the king wields absolute power.

The king is the top legal officer in the country.

Saudi courts have a record of ignoring the basic human rights and freedoms.

The US, as the most important country in the Arab World, is the single biggest contributor to the kingdom, providing more than $8 billion in military aid and providing Saudi Arabia with more than half of the US$50 billion arms sales to the Arab countries since 2011. It also

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