RHC training classes resume with Rhino training classes – CGC

CGC Training Classes resumed at the CGC this week.

A group of about 50 people attended the class last month.

The program started on Jan. 10.

The instructors are currently preparing for the second session of training in April.

“The first two weeks, we’ve trained for almost four months, so it’s quite a learning experience,” said Dave Czarny, a CGC member.

“You’re working with a lot of people from different fields, a lot who are not just engineers but are also business leaders and people who are looking to expand their skills.”

The group will be working on new skills and techniques for the training, such as the ability to do simple tasks, as well as how to handle a variety of environments.

A couple of the instructors are from the Canadian Forces and they have been in the field for years.

“We’ve been training for about 10 years.

We have a lot more experience than you would expect for that level of training, which I think will help us as a group and hopefully help the training process go better,” said Czarty.

“It’s a big thing to learn, you have to be able to keep your focus.”

Training for the 2018 Rhino season starts at the end of April.

CGC members will have to apply for the course, which starts on Monday.

The company is also offering an option to take the training with the Rhino training instructors, who will train members in the company’s facilities in a bid to improve their skills and keep them in the Cgc business for years to come.

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