NSW government will be forced to open hundreds of thousands of training classes for people without work

NSW Government is poised to open more than 2,000 trainings for people who are not in work and have no plans to return to the workforce, with more to come.

A taskforce of NSW Government staff will be working to open up the trainings to people with no plans or training commitments.

It is part of the NSW Government’s plan to re-start the private sector in the state, which is facing a $1.8 billion budget deficit.

“We are working to establish a safe and secure supply of training, which includes those who are unemployed and people on low incomes,” the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, said in a statement.

She said more than 20,000 people have been trained and more than 600 trainees have been assigned.

Ms Berejisklian said about half the state’s workforce was currently unemployed and more people were coming back into the workforce each year than were left in the job market in the past year.

“These trainees are helping us make progress in making our economy work better for all NSW families,” she said.

Key points: NSW Government to open trainings that do not include people with work commitments for people with jobless or low incomeThe trainees will be trained at a number of locations, including in the city and regional suburbs Ms Perejikliyan said the training will help to boost the economy.

Trainees will receive support from the Government to work with employers to train people for jobs, she said, but not to earn more.

“Our trainees work at the state and federal level, they are working with other public and private sector workers to provide training,” she told reporters.

“That’s why we’re looking to create a supply chain and a supply of people.”

The government is also expected to open about 1,000 new jobs to trainees, which will include staff in the local community and businesses.

More than 800 people have signed up to take part in the training.

But it is unclear how many people will return to work or how many will earn enough money to repay their loans.

The NSW Government says about 5,000 jobs have been lost to trainee unemployment since the start of the economic downturn in November, with 1,800 trainees now working full time.

Mr Berejivlian is hopeful that trainees could be part of a new generation of skilled and hardworking people who would return to jobs in the industry.


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