How to prepare for the next Drupal 7 release

A group of Drupal community members have created a new Drupal 7 trainings module.

It features a tutorial and a demo of the Drupal 7 Training Framework.

You can check out the demo at the top of the post.

This module is currently available for free for users and for Drupal 7 modules, but it is still open source.

It will be added to Drupal’s core soon.

The training module is available for use on all Drupal 7 core modules, including core modules and Drupal modules that have Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 versions.

It was first published in October 2016 and is now being used by Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 users.

There are currently 6 training modules available for Drupal, but you can find more information about the modules at the training module page.

Drupal 8 has a large number of modules.

There is an existing Drupal 8 training module that provides a demo, tutorial, and some examples of how to set up your Drupal site.

Drupal 8 modules will also support Drupal 7 training modules in the near future.

The training module also includes Drupal 8 specific tutorials that cover topics like:Drupal 7 Training Components and Features: A Tutorial on the Drupal 8 Training Framework module, an introduction to the Drupal core modules API, and a short video walkthrough on how to use the Drupal module.DPS: Drupal 7 Python Training, a Drupal 7 module that teaches Python for Drupal.

This Drupal 7 tutorial was created by one of the community members of Drupal7 Training.

This Drupal 7 demo was created in November 2016.

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