How to be an executive class trainer at the Jerusalem Business School

The Jerusalem Business school is preparing its students for an even bigger challenge: working with the world’s largest corporations.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Times, Executive Class Trainer at the Israeli business school Avi Barak told The Jerusalem Report that he’s been a consultant since 2005.

Barak said that he is planning to begin teaching a class on “creative” leadership training at the institution next year.

In this course, the goal is to “bring together some of the most powerful people in Israel, the world and the U.S., to see how we can create and promote positive change,” he said.

According to Barak, the course will involve creating “a new culture of innovation” and the students will also learn how to apply the latest business and marketing tactics to achieve their goals.

“We’re aiming to create an environment that encourages creativity,” he added.

The Jerusalem Business schools Executive Class Training is part of the Israeli government’s effort to create a more innovative workforce.

In March, the government announced a plan to create 3,000 new jobs at the school by 2019.

The Israeli government plans to create about 2,000 jobs at its existing business school in Beit Shemesh.

According the Jerusalem Post, the program is being led by the Israeli National Committee for the Advancement of the Economy and is expected to create 1,000 additional jobs at Beit Sheshem.

The new jobs will be “more than 100 percent in Israel and with some Israeli experience,” the Post reported.

The course is also being offered to the public, but the government has not yet released the curriculum, which is still being developed.

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