A $25 million prize is up for grabs for training teachers in the face of ‘climate change’

An estimated $25.4 million has been awarded to the winners of a training competition for teachers across the country in a bid to address climate change, as the United States prepares for the next round of the 2020 Olympics.

The National Center for Teaching and Learning (NCSTL) announced on Thursday the award of $25,000 for teacher training classes and $5,000 to $10,000 each for sensitivity training classes.

The prize is the result of NCSTL’s Teacher Training Challenge which is open to teachers across 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The $25M prize will go to the winner of each class in 2019, according to the NCSTC.

“The training and support that we have provided to the teachers of the next generation will be crucial to ensuring that our children are able to thrive in the new century,” NCSTG President Mary Ellen Lauer said in a statement.

The challenge has been launched in part because of the “climate change” and “climate impacts” on teachers’ teaching, the NCGLA said.

The NCSTLC is also the lead provider of climate change education to public schools, with its training programs currently focused on “education and leadership on the effects of climate science and the need for action,” according to its website.

It is the second time in three years that NCSTLS has launched such a challenge, after a similar one was launched in 2015.

The prize money, however, will be split among the state and local governments.

The program, which was announced in 2016, was part of the Obama administration’s push to support the teachers and other employees of teachers unions.

It aims to equip teachers with the skills and skillset to effectively work with their communities and educate them about the climate crisis, the federal government’s 2018 report noted.

A total of $20 million was given to states and localities to fund the NCSTEM training.

The money was distributed by the National Education Association (NEA), the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

In the last three years, the NEA has spent $7.7 million on teacher training, the NCTE $5.5 million, and the NCTS $2.5, the report noted, citing data from the NEH, a union that represents educators.

The NEH has been working for years to provide support for teachers, which it has been able to do through grants, contracts, grants, loans, and through its Teacher-Led Educators Program, which offers free and low-cost classroom training, as well as training in other areas of teaching, according the report.

In the NC STL training, students will take the NC STEM course, which is designed to teach students about climate science, as a requirement, and also will be required to attend a climate-related class, the organization said.NCSTLS is one of six entities that participated in the challenge.

The other participating entities are the American Federation of Teachers, American Federation for Children, National Education Associations, and National Education Teachers Association.

In order to receive the $25m award, teachers will need to attend at least two of the following:Two or more of the training classes will be in an accredited science or technology university.

The other training class will be one of the eight training sessions that are available in one of five categories of teaching or research, including teaching students about the human body or the arts, technology, or humanities, as part of a graduate degree or post-baccalaureate degree program.

The teacher training will be delivered through NCSTLI-sponsored training centers in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and California, with additional training in the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, and France.

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