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TSM and CPH are ready to kick off their new full season and we can only hope they have the most effective preparation possible!

The two teams have both made some major changes to their rosters, which means that both teams have the opportunity to get a bit more comfortable in their roles and get some real practice under their belts before they take to the stage.

Both teams will be playing in their first ever LAN events in Australia, starting on December 5th.

Here’s what you need to know about the matches.TSM vs. TSM vs CPHTSM TSM is coming off a 5-0 performance against CLG.

This was the first time they lost to CLG since the beginning of the split.

This game was a huge step forward for TSM as they are now a top 3 team in NA and the only team to have a better than average record against them.

TSL is coming in with a 2-1 record against CLGs top 3 teams.

This matchup is going to be one of the most exciting matches of the day.

This will be the first chance for both teams to really put it all on the line and make a statement.CPH has been looking like a contender for a long time, having a very solid record against the best teams in the world.

This time around they have a chance to redeem themselves with a win against the defending champions of NA, TSM.

CPH has also been doing extremely well recently.

They have a 0-3 record against teams that have played against them, and are currently tied for the most victories of any NA team at 3.

They are currently the only NA team with a top 2 record, which is incredibly impressive.

Cph is coming into this match with a solid record, but TSM has been playing much better recently.

Last time the two teams met in the playoffs, CPH swept TSM 3-0, which was one of their best performances in a long while.

This is the first opportunity to see if CPH can do the same in the series, and if so, what kind of form they can put on.TSL is going for revenge on TSM, and they are hoping that they can take advantage of TSM’s mistakes.

TSH is one of those teams that always seems to be on the rise in the NA LCS, but has struggled to find consistency recently.

This season has seen them lose to both of the teams that they were supposed to beat, and both times they have been knocked out of the playoffs.

This series is going with them as they should be able to put up a fight and take a game off of CPH.

The first game of the series will be a battle between two of the strongest teams in NA.

Both teams have been playing well recently and have the chance to go out in a very dominant fashion.TPM has been performing better than TSL in the past, and has a lot to prove this time around.

TPM has played better than their previous two matches against CLH and TSM respectively, and have a lot of confidence in themselves to take out the best team in the West in this series.

If TPM can do well against TSM in the first game, it will be difficult for CLH to make the second game in their favor.

Clement will be looking to prove himself against CPH, and he has done just that.

He has been dominant in the early game of this series, but his team has been starting to get too predictable with their playstyle.

Cph will try to bring it all out and get the win.CLG is a team that has been struggling lately, and it’s a battle that will be played out between two teams that are considered the best in NA right now.

The two teams are very similar in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, but CLG is still a strong team and should be a top contender to win this series with a good performance.CEL will be trying to put together their first undefeated season in NA, and the first of many good ones to come.

This match will be an opportunity for the team to put all of their pent up energy into their performance and take out CLG in a nailbiting series.

CEL is also the only North American team with no losses this season.

Cel is a very well-rounded team that is going into this series having had a very good run so far.

They did get knocked out by CLG once before, and their win against TSH will definitely give them a great push towards the finals.

This should be an exciting series, as both teams are looking to find out what it means to be a true powerhouse.CLICK HERE TO GET THE RADIO ONLINE!

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