Which of these training classes are the most effective?

The U.S. military is using a new training class for gun training called Autel, and it has a lot to do with the recent uptick in the rate of suicides among military personnel.

The military is asking the public to help find the most cost-effective way to help them prevent future suicides by offering a free course on how to safely train.

The military has also been testing a “shooting” training class, which is similar to the autel class, but is meant to be more challenging.

The Army has been using this new class since late June, and the Army says it has seen a 40 percent increase in suicides among Army personnel since it began testing the new class in July.

“Our new Autel class is a fun and challenging learning opportunity to help train soldiers in self-defense,” said Army Sgt. Maj. Matthew Miller, the Army’s chief of staff for the Army, to the Associated Press.

“There’s no better time to start training for the future than now.”

The Army says the training classes use video games, obstacle courses, and other interactive learning materials to help soldiers develop their shooting and gun skills.

The video games and other learning materials will be available at the end of this month for a $5.99 price.

The new training classes have been tested in several countries around the world.

The United States has used the training in South Korea and Australia, where they are being offered in schools and colleges.

The United Kingdom and Australia are also testing the classes, but the military is still waiting for the results of the United States tests.

The U-K.

and the U-A are considering whether to launch the training class at their military bases, the AP reported.

The AP reported that Autel is similar in concept to other self-defence classes that have been around for years.

It teaches people how to identify and use guns effectively.

The new training courses are being tested in New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan.

The program was introduced in Australia in the fall of last year.

The U.K. military has already used the class to help prevent at least one suicide in its troops, according to the AP.

The soldier who committed suicide last week in Australia was identified as a former soldier who had been in a training class and received a warning for “incidents of dishonesty” in 2015.

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