What you need to know about bar training and bar etiquette

There are a lot of rules and guidelines to follow when it comes to bars and drinking.

The first rule of course is: Don’t drink in the bar.

A bar can have a few different kinds of drink on tap and the drinks that are allowed can vary from place to place.

A lot of bartenders don’t even bother with a barcode and simply show you the barcode.

However, if you really want to know what a bar has to offer, you can check out their menu.

This list of bars has some of the most popular and popular drink types in the world.

If you are new to bars, here are some things you should know.1.

If the bartender wants to use a bar code, they can.

You can use a QR code on a card or sticker to make the bar more conspicuous.


The bartenders barcode will show up on your ID and when you enter the bar, it will show you their barcode for your drink.

If there are drinks on the menu that require barcodes, they will need to give them to you.

You will need the bar code to use those drinks.


The bartender will need a barcard for the barcard.

You must give them the bar card to use the bar or it will be rejected.

You may also be asked to provide a photo ID to use your barcard or the bar will ask you to give up your ID. 4.

If a bartender has a drink, they may ask you if you want to order it.

If so, the bartender will then need to fill out a bar questionnaire.

You need to answer yes or no.

If yes, you may have to pay the bar bill.

If no, you will have to wait outside the bar for your order.


If an order is not complete by the bartender’s deadline, they won’t give it to you until they have seen the photo ID.

You do not have to fill this out or it may be taken away.


A bartender may also ask you what your age is and your gender if you are a man.

If they are asking you this, they are doing you a favor.


If your drink is being served in a way that is not appropriate for a man, the bar may ask that you change your drink to something else.


The bar will not give you a receipt unless you provide one.

You don’t have to provide one unless they ask you for one.


The manager will ask for the date and time you have been drinking the drink.

You should provide your date and your time if you have a drinking problem.


If two people order drinks together, the manager may ask for their ID.

If this is not possible, they must tell the bartender.


If drinks are being served outside of a bar, the managers discretion is on how long they can wait.

You are not required to wait.


You cannot bring a drink in if it is on a table in the room.

You also cannot bring anything that is on top of the bar unless the bar has a bar ID. 13.

If someone brings a glass of water into the bar to wash their hands, they do not need to have it.

They will just be given a refill and asked to wait out the bar service.


When a bartender is working at a bar for the first time, they should have a drink ID on them.

You only need to show a bar card and barcode when you are working.


If multiple people are serving drinks at once, the bartenders discretion is that everyone will be given their drink, and the bartender may have the drinks served to them at the beginning.

If it is an all-women bar, you should have the order written down on your bar card.


The drinks are served with a drink and the bar staff is expected to be there for you.

However some bartenders have a preference for having the drinks delivered to the bar rather than having to take the drinks home.


If any guests request a drink from the bar that does not have a bar address, they need to provide their name and bar code.

If anyone else requests a drink that does have a name, you are required to provide the name.

If guests ask you why they are not being served, they probably don’t want to do that.


When you order drinks, they cannot be returned until you finish the order and leave the bar if it has a tip.


You have to use barcodes on all of your drink orders.

They are the bar’s property.


The people working in bars must wear proper attire, including a coat and tie.


If people are being asked to leave, they have the right to ask you not to leave.

You might be asked what they will do if they are asked to go home.


If asked to change into a shirt and tie, they don’t need to do it,

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