What do you need to know about 5s training?

Training for footballers is one of the most common areas for growth for the game, with a number of programs already in place for players of all ages.

But what do you actually need to do to get started?

Here’s what you need in order to get the most out of your football training.

What to cover in your 5s game?

The key is to focus on developing a strong understanding of how to play football effectively.

The key to success is to get out of the way and stay focused on what’s important.

The fundamentals of how you play will always be the same, but what you’ll need to change is your style of play.

What should I focus on?

The basics of how a 5s player should play in order for him to be successful.

The way you play must be to keep the ball, be mobile and pass it out from the back.

You’ll need a solid understanding of what to do in attack, and how to pass the ball.

This is what will give you the most confidence and make you successful in the long run.

You will also need to learn how to make a break.

This will help you to move forward as well as pass the back to your forwards.

This can be achieved by using your speed to create space and make a quick counter attack.

You need to be able to make sure you are at the back of the defence.

You must be able get a shot on target and score the winner.

What does a 5m training class look like?

The main course will include: a 20 minute session of 5s and 2v2

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