Inside the Academy of Racing’s Circuit Training Program

Inside the Academy of Racing has been running its Academy of Training program for the past decade, focusing on the sport of racers.

While the Academy has seen a growing demand from riders, they have also had to add more classes to meet the growing demand for instructors and equipment.

Now, the academy has expanded the program into the new 2018 season, offering more courses, including circuit training, circuit simulator training, and even a “circuit simulator” course that is part of the course offerings.

“We’ve always focused on the racers,” Academy of Track and Field President and CEO Jim Baugh told Bleacher Beat.

“It’s a big sport and it has a lot of different types of tracks and courses.

The more courses we have, the more racers we can train with, and the more people that we can connect with, the better we can serve the racer community.”

The academy also launched the first ever “circuits simulator training” course on the road, which is part-time training that is tailored to racers with specific needs.

“The main purpose of the circuit simulator is to train a racer for a particular sport, and it can be done in a very specific way,” Academy Director of Programs and Training Steve Lacey told Bleachers Beat.

“It can be a circuit training course, it can have the driver practice, or it can involve a track session, or something like that.

We have a whole series of courses in our circuit simulator.

And, of course, the racier’s training needs to be aligned with the specific needs of the racing community.”

Circuit simulator training was a popular option for many racers and was a major part of most racers’ training plans.

But there was one problem: many racer instructors were struggling to make the transition from circuit simulator to circuit training.

The academy began to offer circuit simulator courses in the fall of 2018.

And the new course offers a lot more in terms of training opportunities.

“As an instructor, you can focus on the circuits that you’re currently practicing on, or on the courses that are on the schedule, but that is a lot different than a racier training program,” Lacey said.

“We have courses on the calendar, and we have a couple of course programs.

We also have the training that we provide in the academy, which will allow you to focus on a specific course.

The racier can also have a different training program, and then they can do that in their own program.

And they can go to a different circuit, or they can come and go and train there.”

The courses have been well received by racers, and now, Academy of Course Technology (ACE) has expanded its training program to offer more courses.

“Our track is still pretty young, so we’re looking to grow that,” Lace said.

“[With the new curriculum] we’re going to be focusing more on a particular area of the track, and a particular time period.

We’re going back to more traditional courses in some of our circuits, but with the addition of the new courses, we are looking to add to our training program as well.””

Circuit training courses are something we have been doing for quite some time, and I think that it’s really been a great way to expand our program, because they really are all the same thing,” Lacy added.

“They’re all about getting racers ready for racing, but they’re also a great training program.

There’s always a lot to cover, so you have a lot going on.

There are things that are specific to your sport that you can really build on, and those courses are really the only courses that really cater to that.

It’s just a great addition.”

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