How to train for the Skm Academy training classes

If you want to master the secrets of the internet’s most popular class of trainers, you might want to check out Skm’s Academy Class Training.

The class was created to help people with disabilities access a world of information and information skills.

For those who have difficulty with speech, reading, or writing, the class will help you find answers to common questions.

Here are the seven lessons to help you get started.


Learn how to use Google Docs, Outlook, and other online document management tools to store and retrieve information.


Learn the different ways to use the internet for personal use.


Learn about how to make a Google Voice call or email.


Learn to use a website to access content on the internet.


Learn basic web surfing and social media management skills.


Learn web applications that will make it easy to access and access content online.


Learn social media, social networking, and mobile applications.

Skm has more than 100 courses, with more to come.

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