How to make the perfect cruise missile cruise missile train

Cruise missiles are the most destructive weapons on the planet, capable of destroying targets up to 100 kilometers away.

But in an age when cruise missiles are used to attack civilian targets, what do you do when they don’t even have the range to reach their target?

That’s the question posed by the first cruise missile training class in the world.

As part of a collaboration between the Naval Postgraduate School and the United States Naval War College, the course is designed to help the Navy and the public understand how cruise missiles can be used for defense in an increasingly hostile environment.

This month, the class is being held at the Naval Weapons Station at San Diego and will run from November 1 to December 4.

For more information on the cruise missile and its applications, see the Naval Surface Warfare Center’s Cruise Missile Training and Defense page.

This is the second year that the cruise training class will be held at San Francisco.

In 2016, the first two classes took place at Naval Station San Diego, but the Navy moved the training to San Diego in 2021 after a lack of space.

The first class was held at Naval Air Station Guam.

Learn more about the naval training center’s cruise missile program.

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