How to make a wax career course

I started off making wax career training courses to teach my clients about the career and how to get it.

But the business didn’t really come along until I was in my 30s.

The first lesson I taught was about creating a wax job and how much it takes to do it.

The second lesson was about wax.

My clients were like ‘what do you need to do to make wax jobs a reality?’

I said ‘I don’t know, let me make you a wax class and see what happens’.

The third lesson was ‘I’ve got to get wax training courses going’.

I started making wax training classes for clients in my 40s.

The first thing I did was I would buy a wax tutorial book and they would buy it.

I’d send them a video and it would show them how to create a wax masterclass.

Then I’d have them put it in a box and send it off to an agent.

They’d go back to work.

It was really good.

I realised it was a great opportunity to work with an agent who was a master at wax making and who was very experienced.

One of my clients, I called him “Mack”.

I thought it was very important that he get a wax training course and I thought I’d make it a business.

So I created a wax business class.

When I started, I didn’t have a budget for it.

But it became a $300,000 business.

My first class was sold out within two weeks.

Now I make a million dollars a year.

There’s an old saying that you’re never going to make it.

You’ve got an idea, you go into the studio and create it.

That’s what I did.

As my clients grew older, I started getting more and more frustrated and worried about the business.

I knew there was a problem, but I wasn’t prepared for the impact it would have.

They were always coming to me with questions about my wax making process.

And I’m always like ‘do you make a lot of wax?’

I’d have to go out and find the answer to that.

Sometimes they’d go and find me the answer online and then they’d ask me to do a wax-making class and I’d say ‘no, I’m a bit busy’.

Then one day I found a website and there was this video on YouTube.

Mack thought it must be me, and he had an idea.

I thought ‘I’ll just do that and get the money’.

So we went to that YouTube and got together and filmed the first wax class.

And I was like ‘this is it, this is what I want to do’.

At that point, it was like a million bucks.

It was like, wow.

If you’re a small business, you’ve got the same challenge, the same problems.

That’s the reason why I’m telling you this now.

You’ve got people coming to you with all these questions and concerns about how to make the business work.

You can’t expect them to sit down and say ‘yes, I can make a $100,000 a year business’.

When they’re working on the business, they’re just like ‘I can’t make a business that makes a lot money’.

You have to be really, really confident in your process.

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