How to become a DCEF trainer

drupal is a free online course that teaches beginners to manage and deploy Drupal sites and applications.

It covers the basic programming concepts of the platform and the CMS.

The courses have been created to offer DCEFs a free introduction to Drupal and the technology that makes it so popular.

The training modules are offered as part of a Drupal Training Series that offers Drupal for Developers certification.

In order to earn this certification, learners must complete at least one training module.

If they pass the exam, they will be able to use the Drupal API.

The certification will be valid for three years.

According to the website, the training modules include a number of coursework, including:• Creating a Drupal site, using the Drupal platform• How to deploy a Drupal project• How Drupal works with other platforms, such as Joomla, WordPress, and WordPress plugins• How the Drupal CMS works, including managing Drupal content, and how to use it• How DCEFS work, including deploying Drupal projects to the cloud, deploying to multiple platforms, and configuring multiple Drupal sites.

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