Daimler launches ‘Daikin’ training course in India

Daimlers Daikin car is set to make its debut in India as the German automaker introduces a new series of training courses.

The Daikins Daimenbau training course is set for a launch on November 20, 2017.

The courses will be available to drivers from the age of 20 and they will cover topics such as driving skills, road conditions and road safety, among others.

The courses will feature instructors from the company’s German headquarters and they are being designed to help drivers in developing a strong understanding of the German industry.

The company has also set up a Daikino training centre at a new facility in Bengaluru.

Daimler is the latest automaker to be set up in India.

In March, it launched the Daimels Daikon car.

It is expected to launch a Daimles car in 2019.

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