Cissp, Ciss, and Ciss-P: Training a robot to read

Cissplans, the company behind CissP, the first commercial robotic arm, have released a robot with a built-in brain scanner, which will help the robot learn to read books. 

Cissplan, a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and Cossart, a company that develops a variety of robotics technologies, will be used to train the robot. 

“The Cissbot is equipped with an onboard brain scanner and can scan books and other objects, but the scanner can be used in a variety other ways,” the company wrote on its blog.

“The scanner can read the pages in a book in one step, read a section in a different way, or analyze and analyze a text to learn about its meaning.

The scanner can also be used for reading on its own to understand words or phrases, or to determine what is meant by a text.”

CissPlans’ CissBot is being built by Carnegie Mellon Robotics. 

 Cossart’s Cissbots were designed to work alongside a human at a book reading task, and the company says that the two robots are compatible. 

This isn’t the first time the two companies have worked together to develop robots. 

Back in 2016, the robot was used to read the English language in a high school classroom, but CossART was eventually removed from the classroom due to safety concerns. 

While CissPLans robotic arm is capable of doing things that the human eye can’t, it can’t read a book on its surface, meaning that it has to be connected to a device that can read books and identify words.

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