Canada to launch ‘world-class’ data-analytics training course

Canada is launching a data-analysis training course for its immigration officers and their counterparts across the country.

The course, which is set to begin in the spring, will include topics such as social-media analytics, the science of persuasion and the value of data for public safety.

The training will be hosted at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, which oversees immigration.

“This is a critical moment in our country’s history, and the training is designed to give officers a solid foundation for the jobs they’re asked to perform,” said Canadian Immigration Minister Chris Alexander in a statement.

The courses, which will be offered on a “co-operative basis,” will be designed to provide officers with tools to develop and share data in the face of “disproportionate” data breaches.

Immigration officers, who are responsible for investigating claims of fraud and immigration offences, are tasked with ensuring the integrity of immigration processes and will also need to ensure that immigration officers do not discriminate against individuals based on their gender, religion, race, disability or sexual orientation.

The government is also providing $50,000 for training.

“Immigration officers are under attack every day, and we’re seeing the impact of this data breach on our public safety,” said Alexander in the statement.

“We have the tools to combat this, and with the support of the community, we can ensure our immigration officers continue to uphold our values and uphold the law.”

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