McAfee to sell 5s training courses to clients in China

McAfee, the computer security company whose chief executive, Kostas Katsoumopoulos, was arrested in October, has agreed to sell its training courses in China to a Chinese company, according to people familiar with the matter.

The deals are a sign that McAfee has found a way to expand its presence in China, where the company is still trying to gain access to the government’s security agencies and is seeking to become a more integrated part of its broader business.

McAfee shares rose more than 4 percent in early trading Monday.

Mcafee, which makes antivirus software, is currently seeking approval from the United States for its initial sales of its training classes.

The McAfee training program in China has been one of the most lucrative McAfee projects, attracting more than $1 billion in venture capital investment, the people said.

The training courses, which range in cost from $25 to $350 a month, are aimed at helping companies improve their security and increase their profitability, said a person familiar with McAfee’s plans.

The company has had a mixed relationship with China.

In March, the company was forced to halt sales of some of its software products in China after a security flaw was discovered in its software.

The security breach was discovered by security firm CrowdStrike, which found flaws in the software that Mcafees software relies on to detect suspicious activity.

McAFee, meanwhile, has struggled to gain entry into China, which has a highly repressive legal system and is widely viewed as a safe haven for hackers and spies.

McFi has struggled in China and has struggled for a share of the Chinese market, according a person with knowledge of the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity.

McFaree said in a statement Monday that the Mcafed training program was designed to help McAfee build its business in China.

“McAfee is currently in the process of securing a number of potential markets in China,” the company said.

“We have been working with the Chinese government to further our relationship and are hopeful of further opportunities.”

 McAfee has a strong track record of doing business in the U.S., with its $3 billion acquisition of the cybersecurity software firm McAfee Antivirus Solutions in 2011.

 Its acquisition of McAfee for $2.8 billion in 2016 was seen as a major coup for McAfee and the company’s U.K.-based parent, which had been battling to expand into China.

McAfee was also part of a wave of acquisitions by U.Y.E. in 2015, including the $2 billion purchase of the antivirus technology company Securitas in 2015.

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