How to prepare for a funeral

More than 3,000 funeral homes and mortuaries across the United States have received training on how to handle grieving relatives and other grieving visitors, according to a new study.

More than half of the schools in the study had received training and nearly 60 percent had received financial support, according the National Funeral Directors Association.

More:Funeral homes are required to meet the same training requirements as funeral homes for funeral directors and coroners.

The association says funeral homes must provide at least one training session for funeral director and coroner.

Funeral directors must provide training on a variety of topics including preparing funeral homes to handle the transition from a funeral home to a funeral service, including the handling of the casket, the funeral home’s day-to-day operations, the burial, and the post-death arrangements.

Funerals are not required to provide training for funeral home employees on the following topics:How to provide proper storage and care for a body after deathHow to handle grief and bereavementQuestions for funeral homes on grieving relativesThe Association of Funeral Home Executives says funeral directors must conduct training on grief counseling, including grief counseling on the day of death.

Funers are required by law to provide funeral directors training on the duties of funeral directors, including handling grieving relatives.

Funervices and funeral homes are not mandated to provide any training on funeral home management, including funeral home staffing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says it recommends funeral directors receive at least five hours of training on caring for grieving relatives in the first year of their career.

The Academy recommends that funeral directors obtain at least two years of training before they apply to become a funeral director.

The academy says funeral professionals who have not received a funeral professional certificate must obtain a certificate from the agency’s board of directors, which must approve the training.

The National Funerals Directors Association says funeral industry representatives must complete a certification program for funeral assistants.

The association also recommends funeral professionals obtain training on managing grieving relatives before applying to become funeral directors.

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