How the World’s Most Powerful Robots are Teaching us Everything We Need to Know

Aem and Cogent will start their classes on March 6, and the pair have a plan to make them a permanent fixture in the world of robotics.

“The world needs to know more about robotics,” Aem said in a statement.

“It’s been one of the fastest growing areas of research in recent years, and we’re excited to start providing our students with the tools and knowledge they need to tackle a wide variety of challenges.”

Cogent is the most advanced robot company in the US and is expected to bring the first robot to market next year.

As for the future, Aem says that the company is currently focused on developing robots that can be deployed by farmers and ranchers, and that Aem is developing a new class of robots that will be more advanced than its current offerings.

The AEM Robotics Group has invested over $1 billion in robotics since its inception in 2010, with the company currently in the process of hiring over 150 people to help with its robotics efforts.

Source: Engadgadget

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